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This tool lets you screen and rank's database of Hedge funds
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Absolute Global Alternative FdFund of Funds - Multi...Non noté10,007 593,50EUR31/12/2014
Alpha Credit R AccFund of Funds - Multi...Non noté15,0010 791,49EUR29/12/2014
Alpha Credit X AccFund of Funds - Multi...AucuneNon noté15,0010 318,36EUR29/08/2014
Alpha Equity IFund of Funds - Multi...AucuneNon noté15,00116,35EUR29/12/2014
Alpha Hedge + C EUR (C)Fund of Funds - Multi...Non noté15,0013 266,97EUR31/12/2014
Alpha Hedge + EURFund of Funds - Multi...Non noté15,0010 727,70EUR31/12/2014
Alpha Hedge + USDFund of Funds - Multi...Non noté15,009 514,90USD31/12/2014
Alpha Jet (C)Fund of Funds - Multi...Non noté24,00127,00EUR29/12/2014
Altipro IFund of Funds - Multi...Non noté30,00199,75EUR31/12/2014
Altipro IIFund of Funds - Multi...Non noté30,00184,04EUR31/12/2014
Altipro IIIFund of Funds - Multi...Non noté30,00166,09EUR31/12/2014
Altipro Plus AFund of Funds - Multi...Non noté17,94187,05EUR31/12/2014
BNP Paribas Alternatif IFund of Funds - Multi...AucuneNon noté15,0014 934,82EUR31/12/2014
BNP Paribas Alternatif PFund of Funds - Multi...AucuneNon noté15,0011 361,18EUR31/12/2014
BNP Paribas Sélection Alternatif AccFund of Funds - DebtNon noté15,0012 046,34EUR29/12/2014
Darius Alliance Fund AccFund of Funds - Multi...Non noté15,00119,51EUR30/12/2014
Destra CroissanceFund of Funds - EquityNon noté0,00782,96EUR31/12/2014
Dinvest Core Liquid FCPFund of Funds - Multi...AucuneNon noté15,0075 252,97EUR31/12/2014
Dinvest Core Liquid FCP Class IFund of Funds - Multi...AucuneNon noté0,80943,16EUR31/12/2014
Ecofi Quant Force 4 AccFund of Funds - DebtNon noté20,00157,48EUR30/12/2014
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Les valeurs liquidatives des fonds sont mises à jour tous les jours à 22:00. Les performances sont calculées dividendes réinvestis et présentées en Euro.